Why people are not trusting Pandabuy platform?

Why people are not trusting Pandabuy shopping platform?

Pandabuy is dedicated to developing and optimizing itself through the system technology and striving to use precise technical means, especially product information transmission, and focus on the cross-border shopping market business development. A qualified team in this reliable company offers its customers with service of buying, quality checking, storing, custom clearance, and shipping.

It keeps improving itself with the objective of friendly and convenient shopping experiences for every customer. If you think about whether you can choose Pandabuy for your next cross-border shopping journey, then you have to spend enough time using the next delegate.     

An unbiased review of the Pandabuy   

Chinese authorities recently targeted Pandabuy charged with supplying fake goods. They found it by raiding warehouses. These warehouses include millions of packages going to buyers from around the world. The police investigated the Hangzhou office and top warehouses of Pandabuy because of the legal action reported by well-known 16 brands over copyright infringement. 

Many officials like security branch officers, local police, and private sector investigators involved in this raid. They have seized over millions of parcels and detained 30 people. They noticed that hundreds of thousands of fake brands named the popular brands of sports shoes in the seized parcels.  

The World Trademark Review published this exploration into Pandabuy first in last November with the cooperation of intellectual property protection firms like Lusheng Law Firm which is Rouse’s China oriented strategic partner and Corsearch. 

The UK contribution is under the police speculative property crime unit especially its long-running Operation Ashiko focusing on online intellectual property crime as well as counterfeit sales.  In the Pandabuy case, the collaboration between the owners of well-known brands, law firms of good reputation, law enforcement, and the best service providers worldwide takes place for the first time against Pandabuy.   

Cantoop is a leading Chinese grounded IPP firm. This firm has alerted the police on behalf of unknown brand owners. It has provided seventy investigators to assist with the probe. It exposed that the infringing actions of Pandabuy extended to several cities and included more than 2,200 employees and large warehouses with a leg on each side of 100,000 square meters. 

Pandabuy is a renowned platform of a certified shopping agent known for its business as a conduit between buyers and sellers across the world. It provides sales and marketing assistance to both businesses and clients. It also supports shipping processes. 

Though it does not manufacture any type of goods, it has become famous because it is a source of cheap and supposedly fake designer products.  Pandabuy customers and influencers worldwide usually post top videos of their Pandabuy hauls on Discord, TikTok, and other social media platforms. The official website of Pandabuy claims to have above 200, 000 customers. The latest and major data leak included details for over 1.3 million customers. This company apologized for the leak and it blamed on criminal hackers. This company ensured that financial information was not accessed by any unauthorized person. 

The latest news about the Pandabuy   

The public alert notices of the Pandabuy have not been updated since April 1st. However, an auto-generated email reply reveals that Pandabuy is still operating in a limited capacity. This company reveals that it has faced legal issues associated with its services and the upper management of this company work together with the police team for the complete investigation. It also said that it collaborates with all relevant authorities and makes certain that its business activities comply with the legal regulations. Every member of this team enhances their routine efforts along with the authorities to take necessary measures to protect the rights of all clients and ensure data security. 

Many customers of the Pandabuy are waiting for packages. They have posted online claiming that they have been given some conflicting information by customer service about whether the shipments ordered before the raids will be sent out. The statement of Cantoop suggested all authorities expected to spend some months analyzing the contents of the raided warehouses. The law enforcement agencies will confiscate all infringing products. The UK police said that further action was expected against this company’s UK assets. 

A data breach affecting Pandabuy has leaked the personal information of more than 1.3 million customers. The Pandabuy hackers exploited very critical API vulnerabilities to access the internal systems.  They have accessed more than 3 million records including user IDs, emails, phone numbers, full names, home addresses, order data, login IPs, and other IDs. 

The data breach aggregation website namely H1BP ensured that the data breach exposed 1, 348, 407 legitimate Pandabuy accounts. The remaining was intentionally generated or duplicated to inflate the figure. It also confirmed the authenticity of the leaked account information and traced them to the company Pandabuy. It authenticated the leaked email information by initiating the password resets and accessed responses for legitimate ones. It makes certain that at least a third of the leaked information was in its database as this information was already involved in the previous data breaches.  

The email of the victims is secure as long as they do not reuse their passwords for other accounts. However, this issue underscores the requirements for comprehensive and rigorous API security practices and a reminder to efficiently use distinctive passwords for several services. 

Data breach in the Pandabuy   

Many users of the social networking platforms consider that the Pandabuy online shopping site tried to hide the data breach by editing posts on Reddit and Discord. The Discord admin of Pandabuy claimed that the leaked user information was stale and the technical team of this online shopping platform had resolved the incident already. It urged the users of the Pandabuy Discord server to stop spreading rumors as such things are causing panic among existing and new customers of the Pandabuy.   

Some people who specialized in hacking techniques reveal that the news of the Pandabuy breach ensured that this online shopping platform had been breached in a big way. Though an experienced team in this company can get order IDs for each order, everyone involved in the Pandabuy shopping platform considers whether their personal and financial information is safe or not. 

Pandabuy immediately make an apology and accepted the data breach after the PR nightmare and ensured that the data breach was began by the illegal technology used by a hacker organization to break through the information security of the platform. It finds and ensures that this major incident did not expose any type of financial and personal information. It takes complete legal measures and forces the hacking forum to delete the stolen information. 

Pandabuy fixed the exploited vulnerabilities and scanned its systems for every possible security flaw. It strengthened the monitoring and protection mechanism for authorized access. It advised every customer from around the world to remain vigilant for phishing attacks and ensured that the company staff members do not require any account login information or other sensitive data at any time.   It offered customers a “10% freight subsidy” for a month. This is a gesture of goodwill. However, it was poorly received by customers as per the number of negative emoji reactions.

Pandabuy is usually good and provides the best-in-class services to its customers from around the world. However, it does not ensure the safety of privacy and financial information of its customers and the overall quality of products to every customer. 

Many customers of this company contact their bank when they have things in the warehouse of this company. They also contacted this company when their parcel was seized and they did not get insurance. They face different problems as their orders are sitting in the warehouse of this company and notice that this company does not ship their goods because of their legal problems. Though they get the system and email response about this incident, they need an immediate solution to this problem. They expect a lot to get complete information about the current status of their parcel and when they can receive their parcel. 

Make a well-informed decision before placing your order 

In general, the shipping cost is high when transferring goods from China to the rest of the world. Some customers of the Pandabuy depend on the goods they have ordered from China to do their business. If they do not get their parcels on time, then they are unable to concentrate on their regular business activities and face very challenging situations. 

Pandabuy is an outstanding platform when you are ready to spend enough time learning how it functions. If you read unbiased reviews of Pandabuy, then you can get an overview of this agent and its commitment to providing goods delivery services worldwide.  Negative reviews of Pandabuy reveal that people who write these reviews do not understand the nature of the business of this company. Pandabuy is a certified agent and is known for its service to connect every client with individual manufacturers. Clients of the Pandabuy have to pay shipping. They have to keep track of their parcel information and make an informed decision to reap benefits from properly using this service.

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